The 14th International Modelica Conference
Linköping, September 20-24, 2021

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Papers by Oliver Schülting

Title: Status of the TransiEnt Library: Transient Simulation of Complex Integrated Energy Systems
Authors: Anne Senkel, Carsten Bode, Jan-Peter Heckel, Oliver Schülting, Gerhard Schmitz, Christian Becker and Alfons Kather
Abstract: The open-source Modelica library TransiEnt Library was developed within the research project TransiEnt.EE. This paper presents two major extensions to this library which were developed in the follow-up research project ResiliEntEE. The modeling of the power sector on transmission grid level is possible due to the implementation of the complex bus voltage. In the gas sector, the efficiency of the computation of mass and energy balances was improved. Furthermore, an efficient physical pressure loss model was added that leads to more realistic results and faster simulations. The possible application of the library are presented in an exemplary simulation of an integrated energy system. It is shown that the dynamic simulation allows the depiction of disturbances and their possible consequences in coupled sectors. Thus, next to cost and CO2 emission, an integrated energy system can be assessed in terms of its resilience as well.
Keywords: Integrated Energy Systems, Dynamic Interactions, Electricity, Gas, Heat, TransiEnt Library
Paper: full paper Creative Commons License
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