The 14th International Modelica Conference
Linköping, September 20-24, 2021

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Call for Participation: FMI User Meeting at the Modelica Conference 2021

The FMI Project plans to organize this “FMI User Meeting” within the “industrial user presentations” session of the different Modelica Association Projects on Thursday, Sept 23 afternoon the Modelica Conference 2021 as a complement to the scientific track(s) on FMI within the conference. The intent is to increase the interaction between FMI users in different companies and/or institutions and the FMI project.

Agenda and Scope

Each talk should consist of approx. 15 minutes of presentation and five minutes for questions and discussion. The talks need not have mainly a scientific focus as in the scientific tracks of the Modelica Conference. Reference to industrial use cases, development processes and regulations are highly welcome.

Regarding the difference between presentations at the “FMI User meeting” and the scientific tracks of the Modelica Conference: The focus of the user meeting shall be on user feedback on FMI, examples of industrial usage of FMI and suggestions for the further development. The focus of the conference tracks shall be on scientific questions regarding FMI. As the border between both might not always be sharp: It is possible to mention topics in both kind of presentations, but with a different focus: on the one hand on industrial usage, on the other hand on scientific content.

If the presenters agree, the slides will afterwards be made publicly available on the FMI website.

If you are interested in giving an approx. 15-minutes presentation, please submit an abstract of your presentation until June 15 2021 at the EasyChair Conference Management System selecting “Modelica 2021 Industrial User Presentations” and Topic “FMI – Functional Mockup Interface”. For more information, see the Modelica 2021 call for papers.