The 14th International Modelica Conference
Linköping, September 20-24, 2021

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Papers by Paolo Campanini

Title: Object-Oriented Models of Parallel Manipulators
Authors: Paolo Campanini and Gianni Ferretti
Abstract: In this paper, the development of Digital Twins of parallel manipulator is described, based on components of the Modelica standard library only. At first, the dynamic model of a Delta robot is illustrated and validated with respect to experimental data. Then, the model of a Stewart platform is discussed. Thanks to the symbolic manipulation capabilities of the OpenModelica compiler, the model is then used to automatically generate the inverse dynamics, which is in general is a quite difficult task to be performed manually.
Keywords: Object-oriented modelling, Simulation, Parallel manipulators, Modelica, DAE systems, Closed chains
Paper: full paper Creative Commons License / library
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