The 14th International Modelica Conference
Linköping, September 20-24, 2021

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Papers by Luxshan Manoranjan

Title: Developing Protective Limiters for a Hydro Power Controller in Modelica
Authors: Luxshan Manoranjan and Dietmar Winkler
Abstract: In recent years the operation of electrical power plants has become more and more challenging due to a more dynamic operation pattern in order to keep the voltage quality within the limits of what the electrical network regulators allow. This is due to the ever increasing amount of unregulated renewable energy (e.g., wind, solar, tidal power). There is a need for better tools that allow for a better and more accurate simulation of the operation of a electrical power plant. This paper presents the development of protective limiters as used in a typical hydro power controller. The limiters have been implemented using the Modelica language and are according to the IEEE Std 421.5-201. The behaviour of the limiters have been tested against a verified generator model of the OpenIPSL comparing the theoretical behaviour.
Keywords: hydro power, Modelica, excitation system, protective controller, limiter
Paper: full paper Creative Commons License
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