The 14th International Modelica Conference
Linköping, September 20-24, 2021

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Papers by Fabian Wüllhorst

Title: A Modular Model of Reversible Heat Pumps and Chillers for System Applications
Authors: Fabian Wüllhorst, David Jansen, Philipp Mehrfeld and Dirk Müller
Abstract: Vapour compression machines such as heat pumps and chillers are vital for achieving climate goals. Efficiency of both depend mostly on system integration. In order to simulate coupled energy systems, fast and stable simulation models are required.
Hence, we implement an open-source model for reversible vapour compression machines. The black-box based refrigeration cycle is replaceable, additional inertia and losses are optional. Furthermore, we model relevant safety controls of vapour compression machines.
To show validity of the presented approach, we first calibrate two different black-box models onto measured heat pump data. The table-based model fits both measured temperature and power with minimal calibration effort.
Second, we show influences of different model options onto coupled building performance simulations. Computation time increases up to 50 % when enabling all model options. Simultaneously, seasonal efficiency decreases by up to 23 % when modeling all safety controls.
Keywords: Heat Pump, Chiller, Modular Model
Paper: full paper Creative Commons License / library
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