The 14th International Modelica Conference
Linköping, September 20-24, 2021

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Papers by Christian Groß

Title: A Modelica library for Thermal-Runaway Propagation in Lithium-Ion Batteries
Authors: Christian Groß and Andrej W. Golubkov
Abstract: Based on the Thermal Runaway (TR) experiments con-ducted in our laboratory a simple method of describ-ing a battery’s thermal behaviour was developed.Inthe approach - which we callsimple tracing method-the temperature rate measurement from Accelerating RateCalorimetry (ARC) during a TR experiment is approxi-mated to determine the thermal behaviour of the model.This method was implemented in Modelica using Dymola.Alongside the implementation of the TR model a com-plete Modelica package with useful models for TR prop-agation simulation was developed. The package called“BatterySafety”serves as a foundation for further modeldevelopment to investigate TR propagation and physicalcounter measures in greater detail. The focus of all themodels in the package was efficiency, intelligibility anduser-friendliness. With this approach we are able to simu-late TR propagation of a complete battery pack.
Keywords: Lithium-Ion Batteries, Battery Safety, ThermalRunaway, Thermal Runaway Propagation
Paper: full paper Creative Commons License / library
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